Spiritual Hooligan Highlight: Lovely Laci

Laci Buller, Beverly Hills entrepreneur and real estate professional, shares the power of questioning everything.

An interview by Lindsay Andreotti

(Lindsay) Having a Quiet Mind.  What does that mean to you?

(Laci) Amazingness!  It creates space for inspiredism and creativity. I get into a flow that’s unlike any other space that I have ever been in. I have access to different solutions that were not otherwise available. Frankly, it feels like I don’t have “problems” anymore. I just have new and profound insights and clarity. I can see through situations where before they felt like hurdles. I have a completely different point of view which has allowed me to experience a whole new level of excitement in my life.

(LA) Tell me about your journey of transformation. What were you like before finding the Spiritual Hooligan Tribe?

(LB) I have always been someone that asks questions and seeks for more — more answers, more insights, more everything. Growing up I was devoutly religious, serving in missions trips around the world and hosting bible studies at my house. That was how I experienced personal growth then. My only perceived challenge with that vehicle for growth was that I was gay and therefore lying to others about who I truly was. It was killing me. In my early adulthood, I began asking myself, “Why am I suppressing myself.”  I was being hypocritical in my mind. I mean, I would be saying, “God is Love”, and yet judging myself so severely that I would make myself sick.

I began to question why this was happening (in my early 20’s) which really started my journey.  From that point, I stopped using religion to be my support for self-development. I dove into many other programs, searching for new perceptivity, expanding my mind, and then began helping others with their journeys. It was a tremendous experience! Then the next ultimate growth point in my life hit me with the sudden loss of my father; my mentor and my best friend.

That moment was a slingshot for me, which sent me in a direction with more momentum than I could have ever imagined. At this point, praying at night to God stopped making sense, since my own dad was now my heavenly father, and that was just strange to me. And I began to question everything once again.

At that time, shortly after my father’s passing, I reconnected with a dear friend, Tom Ross, and he seemed to be the perfect person to bring me the information that I needed at that moment in my life. I read the David Hawkins trilogy, signed up for Matthew Ferry’s Epic Life event, and submerged myself into the information with an open mind and open heart.  And right then and there, at the Epic Life Live event,  I knew, this was my tribe.  I have no way to explain it…it just was right for me.

(LA) What’s working in your life right now as a result of being part of this tribe?

(LB) Wow, there are so many things I have learned through Matthew. I guess I would say that I enjoy being unattached. I like finding a space for neutrality and openness with a deep willingness to learn, which allows me to expand much more rapidly. I feel like I can accomplish anything and yet I am unattached. The techniques and practices to get back to center, and the acute awareness of The Drunk Monkey have been so powerful. The support and recognition of my own superhero powers and practicing them daily have been a game changer for me.

Understanding thriving based ideas has also helped me manifest things in an amazing way!  I moved to LA after my dad died. I had two different jobs both in real estate management, one right after the other. I was in business with people I quickly realized that weren’t the best fit for me. I chose to leave both jobs and go back into business for myself by building my own real estate team. Within a short period of time, a $50MM deal presented itself which was the largest deal at that point in my career. As you might guess, a bunch of things happened that were not exactly as I wanted, and then an abrupt halt to the whole deal came about. My initial ‘habit’ was to start to questioning, “Who am I” and judging myself as a person this kind of thing never happens to.  What was cool was my fall from grace got started, but I was aware of it and able to stop it. I got myself back to neutral and now I’m ready for the entire deal to happen exactly as it is meant to be.

(LA) What tools have you found that really serve you?

(LB) Awareness of survival consciousness, learning how to get back to neutral and being committed but unattached. I have a different understanding and practice of gratitude. Setting thriving based intentions, releasing control, and paying attention to what manifests. That process has been an extraordinary experience that I am insanely grateful for. Oh, yeah, and I love muscle testing!  It really works for me. The recognition of The Drunk Monkey was maybe the first important tool. In order to tame The Drunk Monkey on a more regular basis, I learned how to do muscle testing.

“…it’s so much fun to live like this.”

Understanding spiritual capacity and developing my abilities is my daily practice. To be 100% self, practicing Neutrality, Recontextualization and Manifestation are my key focal points right now.

What would you like others to know about your transformation?

If you have any sort of desire to question spirituality, the meaning of life, etc., keep asking the questions. Stay neutral and out of judgment. Be open to new information. If the new information is not for you, that’s okay. There’s no way to find out what is for you if you don’t start the journey.

(LA) What else is on your mind?

(LB) I am forever changed! Matthew, Kristen and the entire Ignite Mastermind are forever imprinted in my soul. I have developed relationships with people at a level I never would have otherwise. My level of gratitude is inexplicable. It is exhilarating to be exposed to and have access to these tools and live the life that I live. I am so grateful I found my tribe and this work in this lifetime!

Laci and her partner Leslie at the beach with their twins.

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