It’s Never About The Money: Meet Ignite Jamil Damji

Jamil Damji is a super-achiever who runs a $10M/year real estate business and has successfully transitioned out of its day-to-day activities. He had an awesome life and sought out to attract more abundance, but his ability to build personal relationships and resolve conflicts was sabotaged by his constant criticism and judgment of other people. This case study will reveal how The Ignite Mastermind helped Jamil objectively view difficult situations and resolve them without getting emotional — a skill Jamil says is worth an additional $10 million per year!

Meet Ignite Mastermind Member Jamil Damji:

  • Born in Los Angeles, CA, he spent his childhood in Calgary Alberta, and now resides in Phoenix, AZ;
  • Charismatic and outspoken multi-million dollar real estate deal junkie;
  • Other passions: going to movies, traveling, eating good food and meditating;
  • Being an extremely passionate and opinionated individual once led him to prison time.

Q: Unlike many of our other students, you weren’t a personal development junkie prior to hearing about Matthew for the first time. So how did you discover him?

A: Well, I wasn’t extensively investing time and money into it. What I ended up doing was a lot of self-exploration and meditation. Whatever tools and techniques I found for free on the Internet – or audiobooks I found on Audible – is what I ended up using. I believe I found out about Matthew Ferry after getting a Facebook ad promoting the release of his book “Quiet Mind Epic Life” last year. Having been an avid meditator for years, I was eager to discover more about how I could achieve a quiet mind. Since I’m constantly searching for meditations online and frequently participate in meditation groups on Facebook, I think it was a matter of time before I crossed paths with Matthew. 

Q: Interesting. What happened between you reading the book and making the leap to join the mastermind? 

A: After reading the book, I was intrigued to dive deeper and master the teachings. I was truly able to resonate with Matthew’s perspective and his point of view. It’s hard to describe this in words, but I felt as if his teachings were applicable to real life and 100% true no matter what way you looked at them. I was never hesitant to put Matthew’s advice into action, but investing into his Ignite Mastermind wasn’t such a straightforward decision. Up until that point I had never paid for coaching before. This was the first time I would have had a personal development ‘mentor’ or be involved so intimately in a small and private group setting. There were some mental barriers I had to overcome before I felt fully comfortable making the investment. However, I was doing well in life at the time. If I can afford to spend a lot of money on a holiday vacation, I can certainly spend the same money on an experience that will benefit me both personally and professionally.

Q: Many of our members in the mastermind are usually thriving when it comes to finances. How did you manage to build yourself up to where you are today?: 

A: I run a whole-sale real estate company that usually does about $10 million per year in revenue. I’ve spent the past four years working like a dog to build it up to where it is today. It was only in the past year where I was able to scale myself out of the day-to-day business, which gave me the time I needed to join the mastermind and double down on my own personal growth.

Q: So the mastermind was never about making more money for you? 

A: No, and that’s where I need to be honest with you; I wasn’t more financially free or a better businessman because of the mastermind. I was already effective at what I did, and that was 100% because of my own hard work and effort.  (My business actually lost money while I was in the mastermind, but that was only because of the economic damage caused by COVID-19)

I was already a super-high achiever before I joined the mastermind. My life was already awesome, but I wanted to reach the next level and make it even more awesome. I know that there are some people who have made massive financial gains because of Matthew’s mastermind. Those individuals wanted to make more money to live a better life. But I had already achieved those things… I was a badass walking in and a badass walking out!


Q: What were you looking to achieve when you signed up for the mastermind? 

A: The biggest thing I wanted to work on was how I handled relationships. I had certain idiosyncrasies in my personality which were becoming destructive in my life. I wanted to heighten my awareness of how I was unfairly labeling other people. It was really easy for me to get caught up in my own stories and decide why people were doing what they were doing without having all the facts together. I was the ultimate judge on who was rational or irrational. 

“Context is defined as the parts of speech that precede and follow a word or passage and contribute to its full meaning, as in, it is unfair to quote out of context. In other words, the descriptors you use give the situation its meaning. The meaning you give a situation determines your reaction to it. Your reaction creates your reality.” – Matthew Ferry

When something wasn’t done the way I wanted it to be done, I would say “it was because of all these reasons” without seeing how my own perspective was clouding my reality yet justifying my viewpoint at the same time. I was fortunate enough to have a happy relationship with my wife, but balancing a growing business and a successful marriage wasn’t easy. The tools I gained in the mastermind were instrumental in helping me manage both at a very high level without sacrificing either one. 

Q: Let’s fast-forward to when you met everyone for the first time at the in-person retreat. Tell me what your experience was like in getting to know your fellow members!

A: I had NO idea what to expect, what the event would be like, or how the people themselves would turn out to be. But I was willing to jump in and deal with the uncertainty. A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I am a very energy-sensitive person. I can tell when I’m vibing and resonating with other people, and when I’m not. I was initially resistant towards connecting with the other group members and that didn’t change much throughout the retreat. I would say that except for 2-3 members who I’m enthusiastically maintaining a relationship with, I did not jive with other people. I felt pretty disconnected, yet I wasn’t blaming anybody for it. I didn’t want to engage with people unless I was sure I could vibe with them in some way. 

But here’s the cool part: In any other mastermind, I would have been singled out for a lack of participation and possibly threatened with a lifetime ban unless I got my act together. With Matthew and Kristen, I was never shamed or made to feel “less than” for disconnecting. They fully accepted me for the kind of person that I was. Both of them are very understanding and open people, and there was never a single time where they tried to guilt me into being more involved. I really loved their warm-hearted nature, which actually allowed me to get even more value out of the mastermind. Matthew and Kristen are genuine, honest, hardworking people who truly care for each and every member in the group. I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for them. 

Q: How did you feel when the in-person retreat ended?

A: I have no other events in my life to compare The Ignite Mastermind to, but the first 3-7 days left me with a buzzing “high.” After that, things went back to normal for me. The weekly calls are probably my favorite part of the mastermind membership, and I look forward to them more than anything else. I love the accountability and connection they provide to me, which further fuels me to achieve my goals. Even when I missed a few weekly calls, I always made the effort to go back and listen to the recordings so I could keep up with the progress of the other members. 

Q: Outside of the accountability you got from the Ignite Mastermind to help you reach your goals, how has goal-setting been for you since you joined? 

A: I was guilty of falling into the fallacy of “when I achieve this milestone, I will finally be happier and things will be better for the rest of my life.” Even though I knew why this thinking was disempowering, I needed the repetitive reminder from Matthew to enjoy the experience and allow myself to be in the present moment. When I focused on the present moment instead of the achievement itself, it was far easier and way less stressful for me to pursue my goals. 

Q: Earlier, you mentioned that your ability to manage your relationships was your biggest sticking point. How did that get fixed? 

A: Since my childhood, I always created a story for other people. I crafted an elaborate description of what they thought, what drove them in life, what they were going to do and why they would do it. Once I had the story, I went to town with it. I gave zero benefit to other people and never allowed them to contribute to my own made-up story. It wasn’t until Matthew and Kristen highlighted this deficiency that I unlocked full awareness of what I was doing. I realized the negative effects of this behavior, both in my past relationships and the ones I have right now. This may not sound like a lot to people reading this, but the revelation I had about my self-created stories was life-shatting to me. The insight was so profound and had such a positive impact on my life that it felt like making an additional $10 million a year. 

“All the loss The Drunk Monkey feared turns out to be the exact opposite. It’s a major advantage to have a quiet mind, unburdened by the assumption that you know things. It is profound to realize that you don’t know what is actually happening, ever.” – Matthew Ferry

When I had this breakthrough in the mastermind, it was a life-changing experience that impacted me on the spot and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. It’s not something you could possibly put a price tag on. It’s just too valuable. With this awareness, I’ve learned to become more accepting of the fact that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. I no longer allow my judgments about other people to influence my reactions. The self-evaluation techniques I’ve learned, combined with seeing things from other people’s point of view, have done wonders for improving my conflict resolution skills. I can resolve misunderstandings without escalating the issue or bringing my own emotional baggage to the situation. 

Q: With the transformative experience you’ve had with The Ignite Mastermind, can you share some advice for new members who want to have the same kind of breakthrough? 

A: My advice is very simple: Come as you are. Come into the mastermind with whatever issues and conflicts you want to work on, and make those be your primary goals to accomplish while you are there. Never let another member’s goals and accomplishments drive or influence what you want to do. Everyone comes there for a different reason and hopes to achieve different things. 

I feel it is crucial to emphasize this as the majority of Matthew’s students are real estate agents who found out about him through his former business with the Ferry family. Many of them are there to find passive income opportunities, manage their day-to-day finances, or just make more money overall. It’s perfectly fine for them to come into the mastermind with those aspirations, because that is where they are and what they want to work on. But for me, if I had viewed the mastermind as purely a money-making seminar, I would never have joined. 

My only regret was that I didn’t resonate with every single person. But nevertheless, the experience was phenomenal and I have extracted a lot of value from the mastermind thus far. All of this was possible because The Ignite Mastermind is run by two of the most amazing people on the planet. I love Matthew and Kristen very dearly, and I know they express the same love and gratitude for each and every member.


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