Four Proven Ways A Mastermind Can Increase Your Power

“Successful people throughout the ages have deliberately used the mastermind to increase their own power exponentially.” – Matthew Ferry

Power is the rate at which your goals and objectives translate into reality. How much power you have is directly correlated to the results you have in your life. If you have an abundance of results, then you have an abundance of power. If your goals are slow to come, then chances are a lack of power is the underlying cause.

Napoleon Hill, author of the famous book Think and Grow Rich, said it like this, “Power is essential for success in the accumulation of money. Plans are inert and useless, without the sufficient power to translate them into action. Power may be defined as organized and intelligently directed knowledge.”

The idea that power is “organized and intelligently directed knowledge” is worth exploring. Over the last three decades, leveraging the phenomena found within the “Master Mind” as Hill named it, has been one of the most effective tools I’ve used to create my version of an epic life.

Using the power of a mastermind, I went from a nobody in the music business to generating over a million dollars in music sales. I’ve used the power of a mastermind to transform my health, my relationship with my wife and kids, and heal relationships with my family members. Over the last decade, I used the power of a mastermind to achieve an enlightened state, a quiet mind, and experience profound peace. So what makes being in a mastermind so powerful?

One: The “Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together” Phenomenon

Like it or not, to maintain harmony and rapport with your closest friends, family, and coworkers you unconsciously adjust your behaviors, ideas, and beliefs to match theirs. As humans, we inherently know difference creates conflict; similarity creates harmony. That is why you fall into old, often degrading patterns when you hang out with people you’ve known a long time, regardless of how much you have grown as a person. It’s also why being in the presence of others can be uplifting and inspiring. It simply boils down to who you are spending your time.

For a moment now, look at your friends, family, and coworkers and assess what they represent in your life. With extreme honesty, you will discover that they represent your current level of power. When you hang with them, you naturally tune into their beliefs, limitations, and views of the world.

Successful people throughout the ages have deliberately used a mastermind structure to increase their own power. Napoleon Hill says it like this, “No individual may have great power without availing himself of the mastermind.”

I agree. After 26 years of coaching people to succeed in life and business, I have seen first-hand an undeniable truth, “You are who you hang around.”

Now, let’s examine ways to you can leverage this phenomenon to your advantage.

Two: Solution-oriented people energize you and fill your mind with inspiring possibilities.

You know what it’s like to be energized and excited about the future. Maybe you felt this after attending a weekend seminar. Or perhaps you’ve felt this same, uplifting energy when meeting a referral for the first time, or watching someone deliver a thought-provoking keynote.

We’ve all come across people who
instantly spark our positive energy. They naturally inspire us to do more, be more, and create the life of our dreams. Now, imagine being a part of a group of uplifting people with goals and dreams like yours. That’s the power of a mastermind.

Here are three ways a mastermind can increase the rate at which your goals and objectives translate into reality.

Three: Golden Rolodex access accelerates your goals and objectives

A mastermind creates exponential advantages because you surround yourself with the advice, counsel, and personal cooperation of a group of people who have intentionally aligned themselves with you.

Mary (not her real name) had long dreamt of creating destination retreat centers as a way to combine her love of traveling and yoga, but the idea was lying dormant. She didn’t have the knowledge, resources, or skills to start moving in the direction of her dream.

As a member of a mastermind, she shared her vision with the group, and instantly support, ideas, and useful suggestions began coming her way. Suddenly, she found herself on an investigative trip to Latin America to visit a retreat center, much like what she had in her mind’s eye.

Mary has never been the same. New ideas, options, and introductions generated by her mastermind group have awakened her dream and started moving its realization forward.

By sharing resources, contacts, and expertise, everyone in a mastermind accelerates. Because you are hanging with people who are committed to personal achievement, you are often just one contact away from meeting the person who can help you create a quantum leap based on your unique goals and objectives.

Four: Transcend the limiting beliefs of the people who already know you

One of the most brutal truths that we all must face on our journey to success is simple, “You can only do what your environment expects of you.”

Roger (not his real name) had achieved great success as a real estate investor. When he turned 40, he had enough to retire and live off his cash flows. But something was stopping him from pulling the trigger.

When he told his friends, family, and coworkers his goal to retire, they couldn’t even fathom the idea. How would he live and not work every day? What would he do? Was he putting his family at risk? The people in his environment were all stuck in a limited “work for the money” paradigm.

The more he shared about his long-time dream coming true, the more their comments and perspectives made him feel unsure, guilty, and like he might be doing something that would damage these vital relationships in his life.

As a result, every time he thought about his goal, he felt sick and worried. His mind would start rattling off all the reasons he shouldn’t retire at 40, and he should keep working – so the people in his environment wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

To combat this dynamic, Roger tapped into the uplifting nature of people who see his dream and support him in taking action towards its arrival. Because he is “flocking” in a mastermind with people who are dedicated to their own goals just like he is, they expect him to take action. Now he is transcending what’s expected of him and on the way to retiring years before others in his life think he should.

Participating in a mastermind changes the direction of your life

Human potential pioneer Warner Erhart said, “Accountability is the opportunity to live at choice rather than accidentally.” If you are ruthlessly honest with yourself, then you can admit that much of your life is an expression of the conditions and circumstances of your past.

Being in a mastermind quickly changes the direction of your life because your fellow members don’t care about your past or how you got where you are today. They only care about your goals and objectives moving forward. They aren’t fixated on the problems that plague you. They are dedicated to helping you find and implement solutions to achieve your goals.

When you hang out with people who only see where you are going, instead of shackling to you where you’ve been, everything changes. Your mastermind group only knows what you say you want and will relate to you as a capable person, able to achieve the goals and objectives you’ve set for yourself.

That’s really powerful. ϑ

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Matthew Ferry

Matthew Ferry, is a Spiritual Teacher, Songwriter and Best-Selling Author. For the last 26 years, Matthew Ferry has coached thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity™. His books, videos, audios, songs, meditations and seminars all utilize his street tested methodology called The Rapid Enlightenment Process™. Among his many projects, Ferry manages a blog and spearheads The Ignite Mastermind. Matthew Ferry is also the author of Quiet Mind Epic Life, an Amazon Self Help and Spirituality best-seller in the US, Canada, Australia and Japan. Matthew and his family live in Southern California.

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