Enrollment Opens Sept 7th

Are you looking for a community of high-conscious go-getters? You know, people like you who are taking risks in their professional lives. People who are compelled to continually grow and expand. People who assign value to relationships, collaboration, and community.

That’s what The Ignite Mastermind is all about.  It’s THE PLACE where the Quiet Mind Curriculum and community meet. It’s where you will find other Spiritual Hooligans who are committed to escaping the status quo and living on their terms.

Here, happiness is measured in the depth of one’s peace of mind. And success is determined by our degree of feeling good, being bold, and living with an unshakable sense of self.

The Ignite Mastermind isn’t for everyone. But if it’s piquing your interest, it might be for you.

We’ve designed this vibrant community specifically for go-getters like you who value their time, their money, and the people they expose themselves to.

If you are looking for a rah-rah, ‘look at us’ group to hang with, this is not that. Ignite is about confronting limiting dogma, and applying proven processes to breakthrough. It’s about systematically removing blocks to living with more and more Enlightened Prosperity. It’s about navigating the natural breakdowns and breakthroughs life hands us with a community of people who have your back.

Today, I invite you to see if this community is for you. Now is the time to see how The Ignite Mastermind can help propel you towards your biggest dreams in 2021 and beyond.

Enrollment opens September 7th for a limited time. Learn more and schedule a Discovery Call now.

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